Livre de recettes anglaises, vers 1740-1770. Manuscrit de 170 pages numérotées à la main, dont dix laissées vierges pour un futur usage, index, insert intitulé The Frenchman's receipts, d'une autre main, sans doute celle de la fille de l'auteur de la compilation. Vendu par Zita Books.

opening pills, opening physic, for a cold, for a fever, cough & opening the bowels, stomach pills, stop sickness & purging, poultice for gatherings, for the yellow jaundice (2), blacking, black writing ink, ginger beer or pop, comn ginger beer or pop, tuffy, peppermint twist, butter scotch, superfine lemon twist, fancy peppermint, barley sugar, acid drops, fancy reform twist, fancy union twist, peppermint candy, hourehound candy, scizzers & c. of lemon twist, peppermint drops, comn peppmt lozenges, best peppmt lozenges, lemon lozenges, pink rose lozenges, white rose lozenges, lavender lozenges, horehound lozenges, coltsfoot lozenges, cinnamon lozenges, pipes... (of various flavours), ginger lozenges, another way lozenges, another receipt for peppmt drops, small white shell (unfinished), peppermint rings, bath cakes, spice cakes, shrewsbury cakes, another receipt for shrewsbury cakes, lemon cakes, welllington leaves, sponge cakes or biscts, a better sort of sponge cakes, the best sponge cakes of biscts, wellington cakes, white heart cakes, jumbles, queen cakes, best cheese cakes, scotch bread, another receipt for scotch bread, nelson squares, another sort of nelson squares, brunswick cakes, madeira buns, brighton rock, pound cake, bride cake, queen's drops, rasperry sandwiches, eccles cakes of mince meat, eccles cakes of currants & sugar, preserved tarts of all kinds, brighton biscuits, captain's or sea biscts, abernethy biscuits, seedy biscuits, york or american or wellington biscuits, prussian biscuits, fancy biscuits, drop biscuits, finger biscuits, best mince pies, white toys, best raspberry sandwiches, toy and comfit ginger bread, commn button ginger bread, button gingerbread, best button gingerbread, the flat gingerbread, the flat gingerbread a better sort, best flat gingerbread, spice gingerbread, to make grantham gingerbread, wafer gingerbread, cross buns, coventry buns, nottingham buns, Derby Buns, london buns, dublin buns, bath buns, batch cakes, plain tea cakes, plum tea cakes, tea cakes, best tea cakes, finger rousks, port pies of all sorts, penny pork pies, comn mince pies, comn cheese cakes, comn preserve tarts, bread cheese cakes, custards, potted beef, pork sausage, collared head, faggots called roast ducks, round tarts of short paste, half circle tarts or puffs, apple puffs or tarts, common mince meat, a better sort of mince meat, best mince meat, rice cheese cakes, plum cakes to sell at 8d per pound, veal patties, banbury cakes, puff paste, common puff paste, ornaments for pork pies & tarts, to cut turnips or carrotts, paris biscuits, paste for serving geese, birds in nest & c., maccaroons, ratafiass, scotch biscuits, walnuts